Three Key Tips for Successful Remote Interviews

Friday, March 12, 2021

Having an interview over the phone or via video is commonplace in the new world of work and todays candidates should expect to encounter this kind of interview at some point in their careers.Hannah Murray who is the Early Talent Lead for Accenture shares her top tips for graduates who will be going through a virtual interview process for trainee accountancy opportunties:

Embracing your environment

As employers who have been virtually recruiting for almost 12 months now we’ve got used to our new working environments. We have seen everything from connectivity issues to family members barging into the call and sometimes we accidently press the mute button while speaking! Embrace that things are little different in a virtual interview, and don’t be afraid to let us know if you’re having an issue interviewing from home. We also don’t mind meeting a family member or pet accidently as you might meet some of ours in the process too as that’s just part of remote working right now.

Take a Pause

We’ve noticed in the last year natural interruptions happen when having a conversation online, whether it’s a bad connection or simply not being able to see when the other person is about to speak. To help the online flow, take a small pause between answers (or questions) so both you and the interviewer can hear each other fully, this pause is also a great disguise for nerves or digesting a question so take your time.

Topical Skills

The last year has certainly been a challenge for most but some amazing skill-sets have grown through this remote environment. We as an employer would love to hear about what skills you’ve developed in the virtual world through your final year in study.

Our Finance Development programme will be open for applications again in the end of May for those interested in pursuing a rotational finance programme for September 2021. 

If you are interested in pursuing the CPA Qualification in conjunction with Accentures finance programme please