What are we looking for in a Trainee Auditor in the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General?

Thursday, July 21, 2022

What are we looking for in a Trainee Auditor

Our Trainee Auditor roles offer generous starting salary, exam supports, flexible working arrangements, mentoring scheme and much more! Along with the financial support and leave provided to CPA students studying for their professional qualification, the practical work the trainee auditor undertakes can also help meet your CPA training requirements.

The Trainee Auditor role is a dynamic position where you can develop your own career while contributing to improvements in public administration. Our staff value the impact they make and see the Office as a place to grow and make a difference.

We are looking for Trainee Auditors, who are enthusiastic and ambitious. Committed to gaining a professional qualification, acts with integrity and displays the potential to manage high level responsibilities. We welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds and various qualifications.

Key attributes we would look for in a Trainee Auditor include:

Strong analytical and decision making skills – The ideal candidate can comprehend large amounts of complex data, identify cores issues, recognise linkages and inconsistencies, and conduct an appropriate analysis within the allocated time frame.

Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development – Trainee Auditors should have a clear understanding of the role, objectives and targets and how they support the service delivered by the team and Office, and can communicate this to the team. They can lead by example, demonstrating the importance of development by setting time aside for development initiatives for self and the team.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills – It is important that Trainee Auditors can actively listen to the views of others and liaise with other groups to gain co-operation. Can maintain a focus on dealing with stakeholders in an effective, efficient and respectful manner, is assertive and professional when dealing with challenging issues and expresses themselves in a clear and articulate way when speaking and in writing.

Drive and Commitment to Public Service and Professional Values – We would want our Trainee Auditors to demonstrate they are committed to the role. Can demonstrate flexibility and openness to change and is resilient and perseveres to obtain objectives despite obstacles or setbacks.

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